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Formed in 1893, the band takes its name from the two collieries formerly located in Cwmparc, Rhondda. Though the Parc & Dare collieries are no longer with us their name lives on thanks to the success of the Parc & Dare Band,  which remains one of the premier bands of Wales.

Further information on the history of the band can be found in the History section of this site which includes a brief history of the band and its most notable achievements to date, plus a more detailed history composed by Ron Watkins for the band's centenary celebrations in 1993.

Regular followers of the band can keep up to date with the latest happenings within the organisation in the News section of the site, plus a complete schedule of the band's concert and contest engagements can be found in the Events section. In addition to the various engagements which the band undertakes through the course of the year.

The Gallery contains a selection of photographs of the band and its various conductors taken over the last one hundred and ten years while a complete list of current bandmembers can be found in the Personnel section. CDs and cassettes of the band can be viewed and also purchased in the Recordings section.

Finally younger visitors may be interested in the Parc & Dare Junior Band while those wishing to support our organisation can examine the various ways in which this can be achieved in the Sponsorship section. Anybody wishing to engage or contact the band can do so via the Contact Details section.

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